Cinematic Full Scene: SWTOR, Malavai Quinn’s Return

This conditional scene will play if the Sith Warrior romanced her squadmate Malavai Quinn in the base game. He returns suddenly after many years, and the player can choose if they wish to rekindle that connection. My goal for this scene was giving emotional payoff to the players who had invested in the Quinn romance years ago. I wanted the reunion to feel both tender and bittersweet, keeping in line with Quinn’s character. As a cinematic designer I’m given a dialogue file, character rigs and a suite of animations. I come up with the scene staging changes, shot framing and pacing to be approved by the cinematic director. From there I apply animation tracks to the actors, down to the last eyebrow twitch, and polish the camera’s movement through the scene. I’m also responsible for making dialogue choices feel motivated in the moment.